Motor Development Activities

Physical activities such as movement and dance are used to foster the development of the young child’s gross motor skills. Materials aiding the development of gross motor skills include:

  • Large blocks;
  • Natural resources;
  • Playground equipment; and
  • Tricycles.

Activities that help children develop their fine motor skills include:

  • Grasping;
  • Holding;
  • Pushing and pulling;
  • Removing items;
  • Turning; and
  • Winding and placing.

Fine motor development is aided by:

  • Assembling puzzles;
  • Building;
  • Drawing;
  • Molding clay;
  • Painting; and
  • Pouring.

Opportunities to further use and refine fine motor skills occur when dressing and undressing for outdoor play, and at lunch, through the manipulation of utensils. Examples include:

  • Buckles;
  • Buttons;
  • Snaps;
  • Use of a fork and spoon; and
  • Zippers.